Refugee Meeting with Bethany Christian Services

Refugee Conversation, Part 2: Dreaming

Last month, around 40 Pillar people met to "Discover" what it means to be a refugee, and to learn how we as Christians are called to respond to the crisis. If you missed this meeting but would like to keep up on what we're Discovering, Dreaming, and Envisioning, check out Pillar's website. Under the "Serve" tab, click "Our City." This month, you're invited to our next conversation, which will center around a few key questions. If Pillar were to become a sponsor church to a refugee family, what would that mean for us? What does that look like? We will "Dream" about these possibilities with the guidance of Deb Hoekwater from Bethany Christian Services. Whether you were able to make it to the first meeting or not, you're invited and welcome to join us this coming Saturday, January 16th, at 10am downstairs. Light refreshments and childcare will be provided. If you plan on using childcare, please email with how many children you have, so that we may provide the best care possible.