September 23, 2018

Genesis 39

1. Brother Titus shared with us the story of Joseph in Genesis 39, in relation to faithfulness before God. Brother Titus noted that, while Joseph was in Potiphar’s house, he was still faithful to the God of his father, Jacob, and his grandfather, Abraham. What does it mean to inherit a faith that has been lived by so many generations before us?

2. Brother Titus told us that Joseph was taken into an environment of adversity, of many gods, but he was not shaken. He was not shaken because Joseph was in touch with his spiritual identity. What is a spiritual identity? Do we have one, and if so, how would we describe it?

3. Brother Titus humbled us by reminding us that it is our testimony of Jesus, not of ourselves, that affects the environment around us. Does our testimony to Christ influence our environment, at work? At home? At school?

4. Finally, Brother Titus told us that faithfulness does not mean that everything is going to be fine, immediately. Sometimes, it is only after long periods of faithfulness that we can see what God was up to during difficult times. Has this been true in our lives? Is there hope in this for the hard times?