Volunteers Needed

Do you want to share your love of Holland and our community’s history and traditions with visitors? Consider volunteering at the Holland Museum during Tulip Time! Tulip Time shifts run every day from Saturday, May 6 through Sunday, May 14. Please contact Rachel Syens at rsyens@hollandmuseum.org or 616-796-3324 for more information. 

These shifts are still needed as of May 4:

We are still looking to cover a few more shifts, so if you have availability during these times, please let me know!

Saturday, May 6: 11am – 2pm at Kinderplaats (Kollen Park)*; 12 – 3pm at the Cappon House

Sunday, May 7: 9am – 12pm at the Museum; 12 – 3pm at the Museum or Cappon House

Tuesday, May 9: 3 – 6pm at the Cappon House*; 3 – 7pm at the Museum*

Thursday, May 11: 9 – 12am at the Cappon House

Friday, May 12: 9 – 12am at the Cappon House

Saturday, May 13: 3 – 6pm at the Cappon House*

Sunday, May 14: 12 – 3pm at the Cappon House*

*the asterisk indicates a shift most in need of being filled.



"He Who Lendeth to the Poor"

"Dr. Temple Smith an Assistant Sociology Professor at Hope College has an exhibit at the Holland Museum exploring poverty entitled: He that Lendeth to Lord. This project explored the social construction of invisibility for homeless people and entreats viewers to a space of personal reflection to challenge and ask what is our responsibility to the poor? Proverbs 19:17 (from which this project is titled) says Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done. Viewers are able to evaluate homelessness and poverty as a macro social issue and prompt personal investigation of responses to homelessness at the individual level. Collaborating with four Hope College students last summer Dr. Smith conducted a visual sociology research project using photography to explore homelessness through collaborative interdisciplinary research within arts and humanities and sociology.The end goal yielded student led artistic expression that can be used to stimulate discussion to explore poverty and homelessness."
Everyone is invited to a reception at the Holland Museum Thursday April 13, at 6:00 p.m. 
The exhibit will be on display until the end of April (April 23rd).

Hope you can make it out for this event sometime this month. Keep up the good work!

Summer Organ Series






June 7       David Troiano

June 14     Mark DeWitt

June 21     Huw Lewis & Jimmy Leach

June 28    Jim Folkert

July 5        Stephen Terpstra

July 12      Rob Hlebinsky

July 19      Thomas Fielding

July 26      Aaron Goodyke

August 2   Rick VanOss

August 9   Norene Walters

August 16 Caron Farmer

August 23   David Schout

August 30   Jonathan Tuuk