Church Job Opportunity


Job Description

Serves On:                                         

Classis Ministries Team (CMT)


Reports To:                                         Classis Executive Team (CET)


Position Summary:        

The CMC gives leadership to the CMT by assisting in the selection of team leaders, chairing team meetings, and regularly meeting with individual team leaders.*  The CMC is responsible for communicating the vision and activities of the CMT to Classis, congregations, and the broader community of Holland.  Finally, the CMC shall be available to pastors and congregations as they seek resources in fulfilling our classis mandate of “bringing the love of Christ to our neighbors.”


1.          Spiritual Gifts: Possess gifts of leadership, administration, teaching, wisdom, discernment.

2.          Relationship to Jesus Christ: Demonstrate a close and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a love for his church.

3.          Work with others:  Work well with teams, have a teachable spirit, and be person of integrity, authenticity, maturity, and enthusiasm.

4.          Modeling Leadership:  Show a passion for bringing Jesus to people by developing personal relationships with pre-Christian people. 

Major Tasks:

1.       Chair the CMT.

2.       Identify and recruit potential team leaders by seeking nominees, interviewing potential leaders, and presenting them to the CMT and subsequently to Classis for approval.

3.       Provide training for team leaders.

4.       Meet monthly with team leaders for vision clarification, encouragement, accountability, and resource assistance.

5.       Communicate regularly the vision and activities of the CMT to Classis, congregations, and the broader community of Holland.

6.       Be available for conversation and consultation with pastors and congregations of Classis Holland for the purpose of linking them with various Classis and denominational resources that will assist them in our mandate of sharing the love of Christ with our near neighbors.

7.       Meet regularly with the Board of Home Missions’ Regional Team Leader for the purpose of linking local, regional, and denominational mission-oriented resources.

8.       Serve (as a non-voting member) on the CET to which the CMC is also primarily accountable.

9.       Generate leadership development opportunities. (An example being the Fall Leadership Kickoff meeting with Classes Georgetown, Holland and Zeeland.)

10.   Develop the annual budget which CMT presents to Classis.

11.   Be responsible for all other activities pursuant upon this position.


*The Classis Ministry Teams include: Diversity Team, Leadership Development Team, Mission-Focused Team, New-Ministries Team, Prayer Team, and Stewardship Team.  A more detail description of their roles is an addendum to this document.


Other Considerations:

·         This is a part-time position – approximately 20 hours per week.  However, final pay and hours are based on negotiations, taking into consideration experience, need, and budget approval.

·         The CMC will be asked to maintain an office in the Classis Holland CRC Ministry Center (located currently at 272 E 26th St in Holland) with regularly posted office hours.

·         The CMC must be a professing member of a Christian Reformed Church in good-standing – or be willing to become a member of a Christian Reformed Church, being in agreement with its creeds and confessions.

·         Candidates with prior ministry experience and training will be given higher consideration.