Vision and mission

Pillar church is a college church for the city committed to reconciling divisions, raising up leaders, redeeming the city and renewing the church. 


The Executive Pastor, in partnership with the Lead Pastor, seeks to empower the congregation of Pillar Church to pursue its vision and mission by providing leadership to the operational life of the church and its ministries. This person serves a critical role in aligning all operational matters with the vision and mission of Pillar Church. The position is meant as a complement to the Lead Pastor whose role is primarily devoted to preaching, vision, community involvement and pastoral care. 



  1. Operations:
    1. Facilities
      1. Oversee the use of Pillar facilities
      2. Provide oversight of the Pillar building project
    2. Finances 
      1. Empower congregational giving
      2. Facilitates the budgeting process and provides fiscal oversight
      3. Establish staff salaries
    3. Human Resources
      1. Oversee hiring, performance management and career development
      2. Assists in determining salaries, wages, and benefits for the staff
      3. Monitors and enhance staff relations
      4. Assist in writing and updating job descriptions
      5. Coaches staff members towards implementation of goals 

2. Ministries

  1. Ministry Evaluation
    1. Empower the ministries of Pillar toward faithfulness and fruitfulness

    2. Oversee the effectiveness of each ministry of Pillar in accomplishing Pillar’s mission and vision

  2. Goal Setting

    1. Nurture staff and ministries by establishing measurable and specific goals, including strategies to accomplish them

    2. Creates alignment between various ministries

  3.  Project implementation 

    1. In consultation with Lead Pastor identify new mission and ministry initiatives 

    2.  Assist in and collaborate with staff and volunteers in developing strategies and processes to implement new mission and ministry initiatives. Identify potential obstacles. 

  4. Ministry Support

    1.  In consultation with Lead Pastor, plans and facilitates various meetings including Deacons’ meetings, full Council meetings, Executive team meetings, and staff meetings. 

    2. Works with various volunteer teams and individuals in order to empower the skills and gifts of all while ensuring alignment with the strategic direction of the church. 

    3. Maintains a regular frequency of communication with the Lead Pastor


The Executive Pastor is directly accountable to the Lead Pastor and generally accountable to the Council.


This is a full time salaried position. The salary will be determined according to the education and experience of the candidate. Medical insurance is provided, 4 weeks of vacation in addition to non-religious holidays are included. Additional benefits to be discussed. 

Essential Qualifications:

  1. A committed follower of Jesus Christ, demonstrating spiritual maturity and growth
  2. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  3. Ability to coordinate church ministries effectively
  4. Ability to develop staff and facilitate their leadership in their respective ministry areas.
  5. Demonstrates a high level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  6. Keen project management skills
  7. Ability to inspire, when needed
  8. Agile and calm under pressure, particularly when contending with multiple priorities and people
  9. Active listening skills
  10. Excellent interpersonal, collaborative, and teamwork skills
  11. Effective at delegating and empowering
  12. Excellent organizational skills
  13. Adept at facilitating meetings
  14. Goal-oriented
  15. Takes time to invest in herself/himself
  • - Pillar is intentionally using the title “Executive Pastor” in order to attract the kind of leader we intend for this position. The word ‘executive’ is to indicate the focus on the operational realities of the church and the strategic elements of the ministries of the church. The word ‘pastor’ is used, not to imply an Mdiv is required, but to claim the reformed notion of the “priesthood of all believers” and to indicate our desire that the candidate will become an ordained elder at Pillar. As the Executive Pastor it is expected that the person will have the spiritual commitments and character the office of elder requires. 

Women and applicants with diverse backgrounds and cultures are encouraged to apply