SUNDAY Faith Formation

Every Sunday from September 8, 2019  through May 31, 2020, Faith Formation is offered for children, infant through 5th grade, during both the 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM service. Faith Formation is the SAME at both services, as it is our hope that children can worship at one service with their family and attend Faith Formation at the other service. Children will be checked-in prior to the start of the service, and remain in Faith Formation for the entirety of the service. Faith Formation is more than just learning about the Bible, it is intended to be a time where children can grow spiritually, ask questions, build relationships, and make their faith their own. We have designed intentional formation opportunities for each age level.


A safe and caring environment is provided while introducing our youngest ones to God through Bible stories, prayer, and music. We use the God Loves Me storybooks- simple picture books that retell stories from both the Old and New Testament.

We have two nurseries:

  1. Infant Nursery: 0-10 months

  2. Toddler Nursery: 10-24 months

Both nurseries are equipped with changing tables, rocking chairs, and a nursing mother’s room. Our infant nursery also has cribs.

Nursing Mother’s Room

Private rooms are available in both the infant nursery and toddler nursery. Mothers are invited to use this space as needed, but will never be treated as an additional adult volunteer in the room. If a mother would like to remain with their child in the nursery, she must first check in at the Pillar Kids check-in desk to receive a name tag and keep it on for the duration of their nursery stay.


Preschool faith formation is offered for children from 2-5 years who are not yet in kindergarten. The following Faith Formation is offered:

  1. Preschool Room (2-3* years of age)  Children explore their faith through Bible stories, music, prayer, and creative play time following the Little Lambs curriculum. This Evangelistic program for 2-3 year olds teaches Bible stories about God and Jesus, and introduces liturgical rhythms to prepare preschoolers for Children and Worship.
    *Child must be 2 by September 1 by the fall start date

  2. Children and Worship (3.5-5** years of age) This Montessori based approach to worship engages children in a multi-sensory way so they don’t just learn about God, they experience God. Through Children and Worship, preschoolers will learn to worship following a liturgy that prepares them to meaningfully worship with the congregation. Storytelling and response time create space for children to explore their faith, ask questions, and encounter our living God.
    *Child must be 4 by January 1 following the fall start date


We are excited to try a new curriculum for our elementary aged children called Living the Word: Teaching Kids God’s Story. This program follows the Narrative Lectionary, so children dive into the same scripture that is preached on during the sermon, and can continue the conversation with their family throughout the week with daily devotions and discussion questions. Children will begin their time together with a liturgy that teaches parts of the worship services through music and prayer.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the following grade-level classes are offered:

  1. K-1st Grade 

  2. 2nd-3rd Grade

  3. 4th-5th Grade