Where does my child go on a Sunday?

Upon registration, your child will be assigned to a room based on their age or grade level. The room name and number will be listed on your child’s name tag. Our Check-In desk greeters would be happy to assist you in finding the right room for your child.

Can I stay in the room with my child?

A parent or guardian may choose to stay with his or her child during the service to observe the environment or comfort the child. Parents/guardians are welcome to visit, but must follow the Pillar Kids guidelines and be checked in as a visitor to receive a nametag. Since they may not have a background check on file, they are not allowed to be alone with any child except their own, lead children in activities or small groups, or care for any child except their own.

What will you do if you need to notify me during the service?

Upon registering your child, you will be asked to provide a cell-phone number that can be contacted during the church service. We ask that you have this phone on you and available when your child is attending Pillar Kids. In the event of an emergency or if you are needed for any reason, a Children’s Ministry Team member will notify you first via text and then via phone call at the provided phone number. If you are notified, please report immediately to the Pillar Kids check in desk.

Will my child get a snack when attending Pillar Kids?

Cheerios (gluten free, dairy free) will be provided to children in the Toddler Nursery and Preschool Nursery. Children and Worship will receive a snack that aligns with the story for the day. All allergies will be noted before a snack is provided.

Can I leave a bottle/ snack with my child?

You may provide a snack or bottle for your child while at Pillar Kids. Please notify the volunteer of any special instructions upon dropping of your child. Please make sure any bottles or snacks are clearly labeled. NO SNACKS CONTAINING NUTS OR PEANUTS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED.

I have a child with special needs, do you have support or ways for them to participate?

We have worked hard to ensure that Pillar Kids is a place for ALL children, no matter their abilities. Upon registering your child, please include any special needs your child might have. You will be invited to fill out a questionnaire to help our Children’s Ministry Team ensure that the right supports are in place for your child. 

How can I volunteer with Pillar Kids?

Please notify the Children’s Ministry Team either in person or email (pillarkids@pillarchurch.com) with your interest. You will be asked to complete a background check and attend a training before starting your volunteering.