The Building Project

Sent and Gathered.

That's what the church does. It sends people into every corner of public life to claim it for Christ: teachers and lawyers and doctors and students and business people and parents and mechanics and artists and all the rest are sent by the church.

It gathers too. It has to. The church can only send what it gathers. Gathering is not an obstacle to our missional existence but the very life blood for it. We gather to sing and pray and worship and fellowship and learn and listen, we gather as a foretaste, even if only seen as a glimpse, of what will be one day when people from every tribe and language and nation will gather around the throne of Christ.

To that end Pillar is embarking on a building expansion and renovation project. A renovation that seeks to enhance this historic building and make it more accessible to anyone with a physically limiting condition. An expansion that seeks to create adequate and more effective spaces for our children to be formed in faith and for people to gather to engage in conversation. If you’d like to learn more please follow the links on the following page.