our city



our ministries are locally connected

Pillar seeks to be a church for the city, and one way we live into that vision is in and through our relationships with ministries already doing good in Holland. Through connections on an individual, small group, and larger church level, Pillar works to build relationships and engagement with the people of our community. We love to come alongside and bless the way each ministry uniquely serves the city, as a part of our mission to reconcile divisions, raise up leaders, renew the church, and redeem the city. If you wonder how to get involved with doing good for the city of Holland, we would love to have you connect with us at Pillar. 

Local Organizations we support

Pillar builds relationships with the city through local organizations in a number of ways, including time, donations, and personal connection. Some in particular we love working with are Community Action House, Ready for School, Renew Therapeutic Riding Center, Good Samaritan Ministries, Climate Witness Project, My House Ministry, Kids Food Basket, and Benjamin's Hope. 

Tulip Time

Tulip Time happens every May. It is a celebration that happens in Holland, Michigan celebrating our Dutch heritage and history! At Pillar, we love to tell stories. One of the stories Pillar loves to tell is its origin story, which is our story of how we began and became who we are today. Like any good story, Pillar has a rich storyline full of twists and turns and even conflict. In the midst of our story, it is our prayer that people would get caught up in a much bigger story, God's story. During Tulip Time we offer tours at selected times and dates for people to come see our church, here our story, and learn more about the rich history of Pillar.