Q. What does it mean to be a Pillar Mission Partner?

A. A ministry which clearly articulates gospel impact in the name of Jesus and has a high level of multi-year engagement with the Pillar Church community and vision.

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Benjamin’s Hope

Provides a “live, work, play, worship” intentional community in which people of all abilities are transformed by the love of Christ.


Community Action House

Provides area families and individuals with food, clothing, shelter, and opportunities to build necessary skills to achieve a stable and prosperous life.


Good Samaritan Ministries

Seeks to end poverty and homelessness through a healthy, engaged and compassionate community.

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Kids’ Hope

Builds life-changing relationships one at a time by spending one hour a week, with one child, at one school.

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My Brothers & My Sisters Houses

Provides housing for men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities allowing for independent living.



Phil and Olivia (formerly Holt) Iekel live and work with the RCA in Nicaragua as they partner with the Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD) to serve some of the poorest places across the country through health and nutrition programs, pastoral training, and community development.



Jordan Roeda & Rebecca Deng are raising support to move to Uganda with their family through Resonate Global Mission. Jordan will provide leadership to Pentecostal Theological College in the Department of Community Transformation, as Rebecca continues her work to empower women and advocate on behalf of refugees and trauma survivors.


Young Life

Invites kids to follow Christ, caring for them regardless of their response and changing their lives in the process.