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Missionary Updates

Lorri Scholten, July 2017

From Lorri Scholten, July 2017

From Leanne Geisterfer & Casper Geisterfer, June 2017

From Lorrie Scholten, May 2017

From Lorrie Scholten in Mexico, April2017.

From Caspar and Leanne Geisterfer in Honduras, January 2017

Dear Partners in Ministry,

I remain grateful for all of you who have participated in our ministry in Honduras.  I give thanks to God each day for all of you.  Your partnership has a positive impact on the lives of many people. 

Here is one story of positive impact.  Part of the Honduran Ministry is the creation of Impact Clubs.  Young people from local churches are trained to be mentors to at-risk youth.  The mentors then engage these young at-risk youth in a two year program consisting of six stages.  Each stage requires a community service project. 

Raul and Yessenia, along with their two children, Noe and Ilian, are beneficiaries of one of these service projects.  This year, three clubs worked together to paint 10 houses.  The Pacheco family, Raul, Yessenia, Noe and Ilian, now have the joy of living a two-tone home.

Your partnership has extended to Raul and Yessenia.  Thank you so very much.

Caspar and Leanne

From Albino and Sandra Rodriguez in Peru, August 2016

Dear Pillar Church congregation,

It's hard to believe three years have passed since we moved back to Cusco, Peru in order to work with La Casa del Maestro.  We made that move with you as part of our sending team.  Besides adding two children to our family, we made the transition back to a different culture, language and ministry.  A core leadership group helps us in various workshops and is actively involved in mentoring youth in the house that we have rented.  We moved in May, and the rental currently houses seven youth and our family.  This house also serves as a community center for youth to gather for counseling, tutoring, etc. 

We head back to Cusco, Peru in October, after a three month home assignment, ready to continue serving with the RCA.  We thank you for your financial support that makes that possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about the RCA, CDM or any other aspect of our ministry.

In Christ, Albino and Sandy Rodriguez


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