Our Values:  The Four R's

Reconciling Divisions

Pillar Church is a dual-affiliation congregation of the Reformed Church in America (RCA) and the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRC).  This was the first church established by those who settled the city of Holland in 1847.  It was originally established as an RCA congregation by Reverend Albertus Van Raalte, but in 1884, after significant tension and a painful split, became a CRC church.  After 130 years of division, in the fall of 2012, Pillar Church re-established itself around a vision of reconciliation.  The church where two denominations once divided is now a symbol of unity.  To watch a TEDx talk on this story of reconciliation given by Pastors Jon Brown and Chris DeVos called "Collaboration Across our Differences" click here.

Raising Up Leaders

We are blessed to be on the corner of 9th Street and College, essentially on the campus of Hope College and three blocks from Western Theological Seminary.  We consider it a gift and take seriously the opportunity to join the Hope and Western communities in raising up students for leadership in the world.  We are excited by the numbers of students who worship with us each Sunday, join us for Bible Study on Wednesday nights, serve in ministry with us and participate in the prayer partner program.  Raising up young men and women for leadership in the church is of highest importance to us.

Redeeming Communities

Holland is another gift to us.  It is our heart's desire and hope that as a church strategically located at the center of our downtown area, we will share in the continued work of restoration in our community so: that those who are hungry might receive food, those who are thirsty might be given something to drink, those who aren't ready for school may be helped and those who don't believe in Jesus Christ would meet him.  Collaboratively working towards redeeming our community is a constant focus.

Renewing the Church

With the above things urging us forward, we are excited to experience renewal as a church.  We believe God has chosen the Church to carry out his purposes for the world, so the health and vibrancy of the local church is not a selfish endeavor, but God's desire for us.  Worship of Father, Son and Spirit is central, a commitment to the Word is foundational and a longing to grow all things into Christ is our objective.


Why the Rooster?

A four-foot rooster sits high atop the church.  Of all the ornaments that could have been given that prized place, our church founders decided on the rooster.  There are two meanings for the importance of the rooster:  1.  To remind us of Peter's denial of Jesus and 2.  To proclaim the coming of the light.  Lester Kuyper, professor emeritus at Western Theological Seminary, argues the latter explanation the right one.  Borrowing from William Duranda in a book on church symbology, he offers this, "The rooster in the deep watches of the night, deviated the hours thereof with his song; he arouseth the sleepers; he foretelleth the approach of day...the coming of the light."  

We celebrate what our ancestors knew so well, "the church proclaims the coming of the light."  Isaiah proclaimed, "Arise, shine, for your light has come."  John begins, "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it."  And he continues, "There will be no need for sun or moon for the Lord God will be its light."