Recordings from the Veritas Forum 2015: Unity in Diversity

Were you not able to attend the Veritas Forum this year? Did you miss something a speaker said? Was there an insight so delicious that you want to taste it again? Well, my friend, you are in luck. Here are the recordings of the talks!


January 8 (Thursday)

Panel Discussion: "Church & State in Contemporary Africa"

Panelists: Dr. Zac Niringiye, Dr. Virginia Beard, and Dr. Ernest Cole

Talk: "Mutual Belonging in the World Church"

Ruth Padilla-DeBorst

January 9 (Friday)

Panel of International Students

Panelists: Shirly Samuel, Catherine Namwezi, Sehyun Park

Christianity on the Road to Emmaus: Presence, Power, and Promise

Bishop Dr. Zac Niringiye

January 10 (Saturday)

Asian Roots of Christianity: Then and Now

Rev. Dr. Daniel Jeyaraj

Q&A with the Keynote Speakers

Ruth Padilla-DeBorst, Rev. Dr. Daniel Jeyaraj, and Bishop Dr. Zac Niringiye