Pillar Church 

Refugee Care

Latest Refugee update

We are praying and planning on sponsoring a new family this autumn.   We need leaders and team members for various teams to make sponsoring a new family a reality.  Please consider how you may fit in among the various teams: Community-building, Education, Employment, Finances, Housing, Medical, and Transportation.  Please also pray fervently that families are allowed access to immigrate to safety in the US this fall, and pray for the millions upon millions of families who are trapped in camps far from home and far from the possibility of resettlement in a new home. We are also considering teaming up with Bethany Christian Services in a grassroots advocacy program they hope to start this fall. Please sign up on a refugee care team in the lobby or contact Kat Schulte for more information at kat@pillarchurch.com.

mayom family

The Mayom's are doing much independently now, and still need the social capital provided by friends.  English continues to be a struggle for Flora, so anything that requires talking on the phone or reading are struggles.  One driver and car for a family of six is something they are handling well, but is a struggle, so occasional rides are also needed.  Their Greencard applications are in, and we eagerly wait and pray for them to be officially permanent residents in Holland.  We are eager to see where God takes the family this year, and we continue to seek how we can come around and support them. Please email Kat@pillarchurch.com for more information.

other ways to help

Rebecca Deng and Jordan Roeda Luk, brother of Rebecca Deng and Jordan Roeda, is recovering with them here in Holland after an attack in Lansing.  Please continue to pray for full healing.  Luk is in need of a freezer, chest of drawers, some organizational baskets, and someone to take him shopping for tall clothing.  Luk also needs friends to assist going to the doctor and taking out for social gatherings.  Contact Kat Schulte at kat@pillarchurch.com for more information.  Donations are being collected at gofundme.com/pillar-church.