April 20, 2016 Update from Rob Housman, Chair of Search Committee

The interview team has been busy looking through the applications that have been sent in so far.  We have had over 35 applications for the position and many of those have been highly qualified applicants.  As of this week we have identified four people that we would like to interview.  These applicants have all answered a set of follow up questions that the team has come up with to help drill down on things like ministry philosophy and strategy.  We anticipate these interviews will happen in the next week.  We have also sent the questions to three other applicants and are awaiting their responses.  We hope to have those responses in the next week to determine if we also want to interview those candidates personally.  We are still hoping to have a decision by the early part of May and we appreciate all of your prayers for wisdom and discernment as we continue this process.  Thank you!