We want to invite you to play in important role in helping Pillar to implement a better platform for communicating to the whole church about upcoming events, services, needs, etc.

You have been chosen to participate in the trial of a new software platform called “The Table”.

In order to be part of this small group of “cutting edge testers” we are asking you to do the following: 

1. Fill in this 10 question (pre-test) survey.

2. Check out this brief introductory video.

3. Setup your Pillar Church Table account. 

Here is a very brief guide on how to setup your PILLAR CHURCH TABLE account.

4. Download and log into the free Pillar Church Table iPhone or Android App. 

Here is a brief guide on SETTING UP YOUR MOBILE app.

5. At the end of March, you will be invited to fill in a final (post-test) survey.

If at any point you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either Cathy Dreyer or Mark Husbands.