What is a city group?

City Groups are the primary way the Pillar community stays connected between Sundays and catalyze Pillar people to be on the move with Jesus. They are made up of individuals, couples, and families who meet for regular fellowship, faith formation, and acts of service.

Belong, Faith, Serve

  • A place to belong within the larger Pillar community. The City Group provides a space where each person is seen and known. 

  • A place to grow in faith. Through intentional discussion, study, and prayer, groups are spiritually cultivated together.

  • A place to serve. In both communal and individual ways, the City Group equips and provides opportunities for each member to live missionally, engaging in unique ways with their community. 

What are the gathering rhythms of City Groups?

Each group is different, but many meet together every other week on a set day. Some groups meet every week! Every group is unique in the time that works for them–so we'll do our best to connect you with a group that fits with your schedule!

How Do City Groups engage in missional living?

City Groups are engaged with our city both individually and corporately, primarily through involvement with Pillar's missional friends and partners. Click to learn more.

How do I join a City Group?

If you would like to become a part of a group, please email Ashley Heidlauf (ashley@pillarchurch.com).