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Our rhythm at Pillar is to hold a spring and fall session of Alpha each year. Our Fall session launches on September 12th at 6 pm in the Community Room (Lower Level). Register above!

Alpha is a series that explores the Christian faith. While it is a tool that has proven to be helpful for anyone on their journey, it is designed for those who wouldn't consider themselves Christians, who struggle with the church or Christian faith, or who are asking big questions about God and things of ultimate meaning.

Each week looks into a different question of faith and is meant to encourage group dialogue. These conversations using Alpha are happening all around the world, everyone is welcome.

What you will experience

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What others are saying

  • Alpha has truly been one of the best things I’ve ever done for my faith.
  • My favorite thing about Alpha was the safe atmosphere to question and share honestly about where I am in life and with my faith.
  • I never felt pressure to feel or believe any certain thing, which was very refreshing. I’ve never experienced that before in a church setting or in any small group.