Pillar Journal
- A seasonal journal produced by Pillar Church in Holland, MI to guide us through the Christian year.

Hello Lent 2024


Welcome back to this little corner of the life of Pillar Church. This season of Lent we are focusing on a theme called Centered. In the journal you will find some reflections and prompts for prayer that invite us into a life that is centered in Christ.

As you walk through the season, whatever your journey looks like, we at Pillar want to hear about it.

Is there a written, visual, musical, or otherwise expression of your practice of prayer and devotion that you’d be willing to share? Whatever it is, send it over to my way and we’d love to find a way to offer it back to the Pillar community.

Peace, and a good Lent to you,
Jonathan Gabhart

“…the liturgical traditions of the Church, all its cycles and services, exist, first of all, in order to help us recover the vision and the taste of that new life which we so easily lose and betray, so that we may repent and return to it. … It is through her liturgical life that the Church reveals to us something of that which “the ear has not heard, the eye has not seen, and what has not yet entered the heart of man, but which God has prepared for those who love Him.” And in the center of that liturgical life, as its heart and climax, as the sun whose rays penetrate everywhere, stands Resurrection.”

― Alexander Schmemann,
Great Lent: Journey to Pascha