Pillar Journal
- A seasonal journal produced by Pillar Church in Holland, MI to guide us through the Christian year.

Song Reflection #6 – Rise Heart


George Herbert a Priest, music composer, orator, poet and theologian who lived at the same time as King James of England, gave up his worldly ambitions of becoming an elite master of rhetoric and public oration and embraced a delightful burden of extending the message of the cross which is to lift Jesus high so that He may draw all people to Himself. Herbert did so by shepherding a rural parish and caring for the sick, hungry and poor.

As I composed music to his poem “Rise Heart” I could hear the call of love rising afresh in my heart, to remind us that the grace of God and power of the HolySpirit through Jesus Christ is readily and daily available to lift all our burdens, limits, distractions, satanic deceptions and set us free from all form of captivity by the power of the precious HolySpirit by faith. Let us continue to believe that the cross of Jesus Christ was the altar where the perfect lamb of God took upon himself the chastisement of our sinful nature and gave us atonement in return.

And as the cross of Jesus Christ stood rising high, we’re reminded that a testimony of selfless love abides forever through repentance, instead of the selfish accusations of a sinful darkness. We are reminded that God’s hands are wide and open reaching down and forth for us to hold onto and be lifted as Jesus was lifted from death into eternal life. His resurrection destroyed numb and cold beliefs and gave us a baptism of the Spirit with fire. Therefore, let us rise in spirit, heart, soul and body with thanksgiving and proclaim Jesus is the Lord in our hearts and over all creation.


George Herbert

Rise heart, rise heart
Thy Lord is risen sing his praise
without delays, reach out and take him by his hand

Rise heart, rise heart
thy Lord is risen sing his praise
that thou likewise with Jesus Christ shall thee arise

The cross taught me
how to surrender to his will
and stretched my faith to live a resurrected life

By Ivan Akansiima